Friday, October 30, 2015

those cute little bud light girls.

Bud light girls. yeah everyone thinks they are soooo cool. they come in, dress in a little tiny bud light jersey and hand out the generic everyday bar prizes like coozies, glasses, beads. yeah i think they are a joke. I also think they are mostly socially awkward and not very outgoing. But maybe that's just because Ive seen about 1000 of them come in and out of bars. No I don't want to answer your trivia question for a bead, ( id rather show my boobs is i really wanted those blue beads) Oh you want to buy 6 beers to hand out, cool. make sure you tip me on that multi million dollar company credit card please. and more than 2 bucks. Yeah thanks.
                                            oh yea by the way, not all bud light girls look like this .......

So basically there was a drawing for Bengals vs. browns tickets last night. the girls let everyone in the bar enter to win, however those were not the rules we agreed upon. ( we meaning my manager) so of course I had some angry regulars when someone not so regular won. the girls were like (curling their hair and chewing their gum) "um we like didn't know the like  rules and stuff.. hahahah... giggle giggle." really. because i told you and the signs were everywhere.

Well thanks bud light girls for making my night extremely miserable. love you.... now leave my bar!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Don't call it a comeback.

I am back. I've taken sometime off, I still bar tend, I still LOVE it. (sarcasm) but really, its not terrible. Just terrible people that cant handle their booze. The worst is the people who think they can, but really they just can not.

Anyways, in my time away I've done lots of traveling, drinking, eating, concert seeing, and so much more. but i am back now to my regular blog post. (fingers crossed)

I am back to being bitchy me, serving drinks, living life, and music. Oh and the resting bitch face is real life. i feel like i always have my rbf on. 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

One crazy Wednesday night

So this past week was pretty interesting let's say...some girl was in the bar .. I didn't pay much attention to her but I never saw her drink .. At one point in the night I saw her swaying around, but still didn't really pay attention to her. So the next thing I know she falls down . Hard. And stays own because she couldn't get up herself... Obviously I laughed... So her friends prop her up on a chair where she pees herself.... (it's only like 1am) so she stays put for awhile and then the next thing I heard was she went to the bathroom, didn't shut the door and pisses herself again while everyone watches.....Who does that.

I tell you I ave never been so drunk I pee myself . How embarrassing . These are the things I see.. How fun it is bar tending and seeing all the fun stuff.

Lesson- don't drink and pee your pants.. I will blog about it.

Friday, September 30, 2011

New school year = new blogs

Ok I know I know I've been gone.. Really it's just been boring and I've just been blah. I know right excuses... But I'm back... I'm back with new stories, new problems, new clients and new drinks... So sit back and get comfy........ Let's just go ahead and jump right into it... Shall we.

Ok schools been in for well over a month now... I'd say we have taken about 25 fake ids, about 45 ids that are actually someone else and I'd say a dozen of those arevpretty bad as in they don't even remotely look close to the person at all... Example: a white girl who's about 5 fee tall and 150 ish pounds... Tries to use a light skin mexicans Id who was 5'9 and about 120 pounds... Really people.get smart ... At least get your same ethnicity for starters.....
Kids.. I tell ya just keep getting dumber and dumber ....

Well now I'm back with plent of stories I'll be witin much more frequently ... Promise ....

Friday, August 5, 2011

yes i knwo.. ive been mia

so yes.. i have been mia.. but ive really been in this writers rut or something just not wanting to write or read .. its blah.... but im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first of all i need to let everyone in on this party i worked... it wasn't really my type of people to work with.. and when i say that i mean.. they dont tip even when they were getting a really really cheap drink... they also wanted to talk back to me... and i dont know if you know this or not.. i do not put up with your smack talk to me... you may speak that way to other people. but ill smack that stupid look off your face if you speak to me like im nothing.

tip- tip your bartender even if your drinks are under $3.. they Will get mad and either not serve you , or make your drinks virgin.... which i have done both..

Friday, July 8, 2011

friday friday friday

 Smelling bananas and/or green apples (smelling, not eating) can help you lose weight!

how true is this?because if it is true...i am going to be all over it...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun fact friday

It's Friday..... Fun fact day

Todays fun fact is

The largest toy distributor in the world is McDonald’s.

Yes that's right people... And another reason why kids today are over weight...
It's sad actually because I know that mcdonalds food is good... I'm guilty of eating there..
I think it's funny they are trying to supplement juice and fries in their happy meals ...damage is already done to many kids and once they had taste of those delish fries they don want to switch to apples... Yeah right.
Well happy Friday,... Enjoy the weekend and the 4th...